Webhooks are API calls made directly from a 3rd party server to our server (web callback or HTTP push API). 

In Pathfinder, the Webhook is a further method which can be used to update/create entities as well as set tags and cookies by utilising the API.

How it works?

Webhooks are automated calls from your server to the Pathfinder server. Those calls are triggered when a specific event happens on your website. The technical instructions below will tell a developer what they need to know.

NOTE: The Webhook is designed for server-to-server communication and should never be called directly from a web browser, or this will expose your API key and allow anyone to manipulate your data.

NOTE: All parameters should be lower case EXCEPT the API key (API key can be both upper and lower case)

Webhook URL


where xxxxxx is your specific Pathfinder subdomain. Your subdomain can be found when you log into Pathfinder e.g. https://xxxxxx.mypathfind.io/login/

Method: POST  


Params: API_KEY 

Pass the Api key as a parameter in the POST – you can obtain your API key by logging into your Pathfinder instance and going to store settings/connect store/install extension.

Required Webhook parameters

NOTE: You will need only ONE of the following two parameters


This variable is for passing an email to identify (create) or re-identify (update) the current contact, in the case that the cstrkidvariable is not available, or the tracking id is not linked to a contact.



This variable is for passing our tracking id, so we can link webhook data (e.g. an online quiz in which you acquire a person's email address) with a tracking id.
Our tracking id is available as a JavaScript variable called 


This is available in any page which contains our JavaScript tracking snippet. See here for more details.

Optional Webhook parameters

Standard fields which can be changed in Pathfinder are listed below:

first_name - string

last_name - string

notes - string

gender - string

phone_work  - string

phone_home - string

phone_mobile - string

address1 - string

address2 - string

city - string

county - string

postcode- string

country_id - integer

You can download a csv of our country id’s here  

Custom fields which can be changed in Pathfinder are listed below:

Custom fields

custom_field_id_xx   (where xx is the custom field ID)

You can view/edit your fields by logging into your Pathfinder account and going to Contacts > Fields

When you view a field, the ID is displayed in the URL:

e.g. /custom_field/edit/100002  The id = 100002, so the parameter for this field would be


Tags and cookies can also be set and removed through the api using the following calls:

Set Tag(s)

set_tags   - comma separated tag ids to be added.  

E.g.    set_tags = 100001 Or set_tags = 100003,100004,100005

Unset tag(s)

Unset_tags - comma separated tag ids to be removed.

E.g.    unset_tags = 100001 Or unset_tags = 100003,100004,100005

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