This is a Pathfinder Pro feature.

Pathfinder Pro extends our CSV import functionality to allow users to add and remove tags from contacts using a CSV file. This is the easiest way to update Shoppers DNA in bulk.

This functionality lets you:

  • Add multiple tags by name using the SETTAG column header

  • Add multiple tags by ID using the SETTAGID column header

  • Remove multiple tags by name using the REMOVETAG column header

  • Remove multiple tags by ID using the REMOVETAGID column header

Note: Each of these column headings can be used in conjunction with the regular field headings used in CSV import. 

It is possible for some users to change the tag names, but the tag id's will always remain the same once created.  You may prefer to import using SETTAGID so that you are not reliant on the tag names matching.

Add/remove multiple tags

Below is an example of adding or removing multiple tags by using the SETTAGID column headers.

Cells should multiple values separated by a comma e.g. "100250,100479" (when setting by ID)

This method can also be used to remove tags using the column headers REMOVETAG or REMOVETAGID.

Note: Email column header is mandatory. On the CSV import page, you will be given the following instructions. 

  • Make sure your .CSV file is valid, or the same will not work. 

  • You can validate your .CSV file here

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