If you have activated your campaign, contacts will begin to enter the campaign and the first email will be scheduled to go out.

TIP: The campaign will only run when made 'active' or is 'locked'. Check at the top of your campaign screen to see if the campaign is one of these statuses.

To see when the first email will go out, look at the first email node below the green start trigger.

Emails can be scheduled to go out:

  • On a specific time and date, such as 31st November, 2021

  • After a wait period, such as wait 3 hours

  • Immediately with no delay

Once sent, can then view how well the campaign is performing by heading over to the Campaign Metrics page.

You can amend when the email will go out by clicking on the blue wrench/spanner icon. Note that Pathfinder has chosen the optimum timing and changing this manually may affect the performance of your campaigns.

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