Once you have created a campaign, follow this guide to turn on a campaign and start sending emails out.

  • First, check the emails that Pathfinder has created for you. You can do this by selecting View emails on the top right of your page, and then View/Edit on the email that you would like to look at.

  • Remember, if you used the Create Newsletter function to create a newsletter email, then Pathfinder hasn't written this email for you, so you will need to make and save changes before you are ready to turn on the campaign. Emails in Automations campaigns have been created for you.

  • Once the emails are ready, select Save and Return to go back to the campaign.

  • In the campaign select the checklist at the bottom right of the page. Read the items that need to be checked off, and when you are happy tick them.

  • When all items are ticked, you can then select Activate campaign and the campaign will be live.

Contacts will now begin to enter the campaign, and your first email will be scheduled to go out.

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