In the Settings page you can change and update your Pathfinder account. This is split between general settings under the Settings tab, and Smart Module Settings.

Settings options include:

  • Country: Change the country where your store is located.

  • Currency: Change the main currency your store operates in.

  • Automatically explain campaigns: Turn on/off pop up modules that explain the campaign when it is first created.

  • Days before expired promo codes will be deleted: Change the number of days after expiry the discount code is automatically deleted.

  • Display Pathfinder branding: Turn off Pathfinder branding displayed at the bottom of your emails.

  • Append UTM parameter to emails: Use UTM parameters on emails to track the source for Google Analytics.

  • Granular consent mode.

  • Mirror Shopify opt-in status. Turn this on to follow Shopify's opt in status for contacts. Otherwise contacts will be subscribed by default.

Smart Modules are where Pathfinder AI adds products into your emails for you. Smart Module Settings options:

  • Exclude out of stock products;

  • Exclude previously purchased products;

  • And exclude hidden products from smart module options such as predicted product interests, all-time bestsellers, recent bestsellers and recently added products smart modules.

  • The option to merge product variants in smart modules.

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