Pathfinder's smart content blocks allow you to add RSS content to your emails in just a few clicks.

Step #1 - Click the Logic tab

Hover over the module you want to add your RSS content to and click the "Logic"" button where both conditional content and smart modules are. 

Step #2 - Setup your RSS module

Click the Smart Module tab, turn smart module on, then choose "RSS Feed" from the data source menu

Step #3 - Configure RSS settings

You now need to add your RSS URL to the URL bar.  Note: We only officially support RSS2.0 not RSS1.0 or Atom feeds.

You can also optionally define the maximum items to display from the feed, and set a time filter to refine the content that will be shown:

Note that the module will loop once for each item in the feed selection.

Step #4 - Add RSS content to your module

Now your RSS feed has been successfully connected and configured, the final step is to add the RSS fields to your module.

Each field name should be typed within double (four) squared brackets “[[       ]]” 

Acceptable feed names as follows:

Feed title → [[item::title]]

Feed link → [[item::link]]

Feed category → [[item::category]]

Feed description → [[item::description]]

Feed Image → [[item::image]] 

Feed publishing date → [[item::pubDate]]


To preview your feed content, send a test email or use email preview mode

Please note that Pathfinder updates feed content updates at 15 minute intervals when previewing emails, however, live emails will always send with the most recent feed content.

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