Window shoppers are people who show interest in your products but haven’t bought yet.

Converting them is one of the easiest ways to grow your sales as they are already close to buying.

This campaign will identify who they are (excluding people who are not interested or will buy anyways) and then sending them timely messages to convert them into customers.

Select the Automation

In your Automation page, select Convert window shoppers.

Go through the description and at the last page select Add this Automation.

Training Center

This is where Pathfinder learns about your store, its style, design, and your preferences. When you first access the Training Center, Pathfinder has reviewed your store and built a profile already. You must add your store branding, as we cannot bring this in from your Shopify profile.

Meeting Room

Pathfinder can talk! Here it will ask you a few questions and customize your campaign based on your replies.

Once ready, push Build and let Pathfinder get to work!

Campaign Workflow

Your campaign is now set up and ready to go! All you need to do is review Pathfinder's work and activate the campaign.

Action you need to take:

  • Review the emails set up by Pathfinder under the View Message area.

  • Mark all steps as Done in the task bar.

  • Select Active to start the Campaign!

Congratulations! Your Convert window shoppers campaign is active and working to get you more sales!

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