1. Sending test emails in campaigns

Test emails let you send a live copy of an email to your inbox, straight from the editor. This allows you to preview your email into your email client inbox before actually sending the message. 

To send a test email, click the red "send test email" button in the bottom left corner of the sidebar:

Note: the Send test email button is not displayed when editing text.

You will then be prompted to choose an email address to send the test to, and choose a contact in the system you wish to impersonate for the send.

Impersonation is particularly useful when using personalisation features. It lets you preview exactly how different contacts will see your email.

2. Sending broadcast test email(s)

Just like with campaign emails, you can send test emails of a broadcast message. If you have multiple variants of your email, using the Send test email button found in the side bar, will send a test message of the currently selected variant only.

To send previews of each broadcast variant, go to the send page by clicking the continue to send button. Here you can use the Send test(s) button to send a test copy of each variant message. 

When you proceed to send the test messages, you will be asked where should the test messages be sent to and who do you want to impersonate with this test messages.

3. Sender address and quick preview

Note: All test emails are sent from the following email address: mail@pathfindercommerce.com.  Live emails will be sent from the email address you configured.

For a quicker way to see how an email will look to sent to a specific contact, try using email preview mode.

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