The Smart Email Editor supports use of five special email tags.  If you type any of these email tags into your email text, they will be automatically replaced upon sending.  Ensure you type the codes exactly as below:


Inserts an unsubscribe link into the email. The default text displayed for this link is "unsubscribe". You must include this tag in all emails, unless the email uses your global footer.

Unsubscribed contacts will never receive any emails you send from Pathfinder.


Inserts a link that allows contacts to remove themselves from the specific campaign the email belongs to. The default text for this link is "opt-out". Usage is optional.

If a contact clicks this link they cannot be re-entered into the campaign, even if they're added through another action/trigger. The contact will still be of status:subscribed, however, and other campaigns will continue as normal.


Inserts your company address. Company address can be configured on the Account Settings page (Emails tab). 

Use of this tag is optional, but all marketing emails are required by law to include the physical address of the sender.


Inserts a special link that allows contacts to update their profile information. The default text for this link is "Change preferences". Use of this tag is optional and when used, it allows the recipient to change their entire basic info, geographics as well as consent tags via a webform that is linked directly to their Pathfinder Profile.


Inserts your global footer text into the email.

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