Pathfinder collects data about your shoppers, products, and orders to help market your store.

Shopper data

Any customers or subscribers held in your store will automatically sync into Pathfinder. We bring over all contact data (name, email, address, subscription status etc) and also track:

  • The pages they view.

  • The products they view, add, or remove from their cart.

  • All purchases and abandoned carts.

This data goes into a single customer view of each contact which we can use to personalize marketing to them. Pathfinder will also look at this data to identify trends and trigger points within your customer base to suggest better marketing ideas.

Products and orders

We also import your product catalog and historic order information. This helps Pathfinder learn about your business, and allows it to market specific products or categories.

Promotional codes

Finally, Pathfinder takes a copy of the names of any promotional codes you have created. Since Pathfinder can create new promo codes for you automatically, we need to know the names of any existing codes to avoid clashes. 

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