To view a contact in Pathfinder, you need to access the contact page from the menu on the left side and choose contact card icon:

Once you're in the contact section you can see a list of all your contacts or or search for the contact's name or email address using the search box in the top right corner.

Clicking on the contact from the list or after a search, will take you to the view contact page.

This page gives you a full look at the contact's Shopper DNA:

Contact snapshot

The first section shows you the contact's name, customer status and subscription status.

You can change the contact's subscription status by clicking the blue button at the bottom of the section that displays the status.

An image of the contact will be grabbed from Gravatar if available. Click the image to edit.

Contacts can be deleted by clicking the red delete button in the top right corner. Note that this will permanently delete all information about the contact and cannot be reversed.

Shopper DNA

The Shopper DNA section tells you who a contact is and what they've done by showing all of the tag, field and purchase related data you have on the contact. 

This information is split into different sections which can be accessed by clicking on the filter in the top right corner.

See our Shopper DNA overview article for a full breakdown of every parameter and option available. Note some DNA options require  are only visible to Pathfinder Pro users.

As a PRO user, you will also see your custom fields and custom tag categories appear at the bottom of the list. Magento attributes / Shopify tags can be viewed here too.


The Products section gives you more detailed information about the products the contact has interacted with, purchased, or may be interested in:

You can adjust the filter to change views between purchases, interests, cart contents and various product recommendations (Pro).


The marketing section shows you which campaigns we are using on the contact. 

Click the filter to switch from campaigns to consent.


The activity section gives you a real-time feed of everything the contact does.

The filter can be used to select specific activity types. 

Note that the filter only shows activity types that have data inside.

You can find more about how Pathfinder tracks shoppers in this article.

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