All emails in Pathfinder (except for broadcast emails) are created and stored inside a campaign's email bank.

Creating emails

To add a new emails to a campaign, click on Campaigns - select the Campaign and then select the New Message button in the top right corner of the page.

You'll then be asked which type of message you wish to create:

  • Email to contact are the emails that can be sent to your subscribers and customers in the campaign

  • Email to team member are used for sending internal messages, tasks and reminders to people inside your company

  • Pathfinder Pro - Notification is used to interact with visitors on your website

If you choose Email to contact, the template selector page will open:

Choose the template you'd like to use and continue with your email customization.

Also, Pathfinder Pro users can split-test different campaign ideas against each other. 

Viewing emails

To view a list of these emails, click the blue "View Messages" button in the top corner of the Campaign Builder:

This will open a popup box where you can view, clone or delete emails in the campaign:

  • View/Edit opens the email editor page and allows you to view the created email or edit it. If you edit the email, you need to save your changes.

  • View Reports opens the email reports page. This will be available only when the email has been sent and on this page, you'll be able to see all the statistics of selected email. Example: How many contacts were delivered to, how many have opened and how many have clicked the links inside the email. On the statistics page, you'll see the unsubscribe rate or how many emails have bounced.

  • Clone will duplicate the email in a fresh new copy. You can click on the email to change the subject as the default will be the name of the previous email with (CLONE) next to it. 

  • Delete - will remove the email and related statistics from the email bank of this campaign.

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