The concept of marketing "lists" is an archaic one. It originates from mail order marketing, where your contact records were kept on physically printed lists. If a record belonged to more than one list or segment, you'd need to make a duplicate copy.

The big downside to this approach if you get lots of duplicate data... and the narrower your segmentation, the more duplicates you get. Duplicate data means fragmented, contact records and the potential for duplicate messaging. 

Instead of segmenting by lists, Pathfinder segments your contacts using Shopper DNA, a comprehensive, customisable and automatic tagging system that brings everything you need to know about a contact together into one place.

We prefer tags to lists because tags make the contact the centrepiece of your marketing. One contact can have multiple tags, but a contact cannot be on multiple lists without making a copy. This allows for a far more precise way to segment, and this allows for a far greater degree of personalisation. 

Of course, you can represent lists with tags if you want, especially if you're importing subscriber data from other software, but once you get the hang of tagging and Customer DNA we think you'll soon find it's much better!

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