Use smart content to insert custom product information (such as recommendations, cart contents and order history) or RSS feeds into any email content block.

If you are looking to change the Settings for the Smart Modules, read this article.

When you add a campaign, the emails that are created for you use Smart Content to inject your products into the email when sent out. You typically won't need to make any changes to smart content in these emails.

Configuring smart content

To add smart content, first select a content block, then hit the Logic tab in the sidebar.

This will open the Content Logic window. Choose the Smart Content tab and turn smart content on:

Choosing a data source

Now that the content block has smart content switched on, information can be injected from your chosen data source.

Data source options include:

  • Known product interests: This will display the known interests of the contact. If this is not know, Pathfinder will default to Predicted product interests.

  • Predicted product interests: Pathfinder will make a prediction of the contact's product interests. If no prediction can be made, Pathfinder will default to recent bestsellers.

  • Recent bestsellers: Recent high selling items from the past 30 days will be shown here. If this is unknown, Pathfinder will default to all time best sellers.

  • All-time bestsellers: Your best selling items will be shown here. Pathfinder will default to random products if this is not known.

  • Recently added products. Products that have recently been added to your store will be added to your email.

  • Products from last order: The contact's last order will be shown in the email.

  • Products added to cart: This will display products that the contact has added to their cart.

  • Current cart contents: This will show the products that contacts currently have in their cart.

  • Last abandoned cart: Products that have been added to a cart, and then abandoned will be shown in this smart module.

  • RSS feed (for blog content)

Filtering your data source

You'll now see further options that allow you to narrow down your data selection. Options vary based on data source, but may include:

  • Category filter - only show products from a specific category

  • Maximum - limit the selection to a maximum number of records (most recent records appear first, leave blank to include all records)

You can also choose to exclude certain products from Smart Content under the Smart Module Settings page.

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