This is a Pathfinder Pro feature.

Conditional email blocks for Pathfinder Pro allow you to show different content to different people within an email.

To make a content block conditional, first click the module you want to make conditional and click the tab Logic on the right side of the editor:

Next, choose the conditions a contact will need to meet to see the content, e.g:

In this example, only contacts with the Active customer tag will see the content block. The content will not display to any contact without this tag.

Using multiple conditions

You can use AND rules to further narrow your search and OR rules to broaden it.

Note: Be careful when combining AND / OR rules as Pathfinder will check the condition passes in a very specific order.  AND rules identified and processed first.

Example for the following rule:

tag 1 AND tag 2 OR tag 3 AND tag 4 OR tag 5 OR tag 6

Pathfinder will interpret it like this, starting with all the ANDs before then combining with the ORs:

(tag 1 AND tag 2) OR (tag 3 AND tag 4) OR (tag 5) OR (tag 6)

Meaning the contacts with these tags will see the content:

  • Contacts with tag 1 AND tag 2

  • Contacts with tag 3 AND tag 4

  • Contacts with tag 5

  • Contacts with tag 6

But contacts with these tags won't:

  • tag 1 and tag 3 only

  • tag 2 and tag 4 only

If a contact matches more than 1 of the rules, they will only see 1 copy of the conditional content.

Previewing conditional content

Since emails with conditional content will appear differently to different contacts based on their Shopper DNA, it's helpful to preview how the email will look when sent to different individual contacts. 

This can be achieved by sending test emails or using email preview mode.

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