Pathfinder's smart email editor makes it easy to visually create personalized emails.

Choosing a template

Your first step is to choose a template. Each template includes a different set of building blocks to design your email with:

Note that some of the default colors and branding options for your templates can be configured in the Store Profile page.

Pro tip: If you have Pathfinder Pro you can create custom templates.

Setting up your email

Once you've chosen a template you'll be prompted to give your email a name for internal use.

You'll then be taken to the email editor page and asked to enter a subject line for the email. You can also customize the sender name and address that the email will be sent from.

These settings can be changed later from the sidebar (more below).

The sidebar

The right sidebar contains most of the smart email editor controls:

When you first open an email, the sidebar menu shows three options:

  • Content - Displays the content blocks you can use to build emails with. Each template includes different content blocks. New blocks can be added to the email by drag and drop.

  • Style - Change the background color or add custom CSS styling to the email header (advanced - for developers).

  • Settings - Change the email subject line and sender information. This section also includes controls to save the email as a new template (Pro) or preview in browser.

The sidebar footer allows you to send a test email or switch into mobile preview mode:

Content blocks

You can select any content block within an email by clicking it. Once selected, a green border will appear around the module like so:

  • To move the content block, click and drag on the right handle

  • To delete the content block, click the left handle

  • To duplicate the content block, click the "duplicate block" button in the sidebar

When a module is selected, the options in the sidebar will change:

  • Content - This now displays controls to edit the text inside the content block, adjust spacing options and duplicate the block. If a content block includes more than one editable section, a submenu will appear in the sidebar. Editable sections can be changed by either clicking the relevant section in the email, or choosing the section from in the submenu:

  • Variant - Many content blocks contain alternative styling variants. The variant sidebar displays a preview of each variant option. Click a variant to change the variant.

  • Logic - The logic tab allows intelligent personalization through use of conditional content and smart content options. Use these tools to inject personalized products, orders, feeds and customized messaging into your emails.

Changing colors

Most colored elements in an email can be changed with a simple click. Look out for paintbrush palettes when hovering over content blocks - you can change the color of the element by clicking the palette:

Editing images

Hover over any image to reveal its edit controls:

  • Click the first icon to add a link to the image

  • Click the second icon to upload a new image

  • Click the third icon to crop, modify or stylize the image

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