Before starting to send Emails from the Pathfinder, it is important that you’re using valid email addresses hosted at a domain you own or have permission to use and not from domains that aren’t. This is called Domain Verification. 

Domain Verification

When you verify your domain, you keep your campaigns out of spam folders and you make sure your mails reach your customers. 

  • The Domain verification is one time only

  • When you verify a domain, it must be owned and controlled by you or your organization.

At Pathfinder you can easily do this in just few steps, first go to the Store Profile - Email Preferences - Add Custom Domain.

Adding a Domain

  1. To add your domain, click on the +New Domain button on the bottom of the page:

  2. Enter the domain name, (without the www.) for example,

3. After you’ve entered the domain, we’ll need one email address, so we could send our verification email. This is to confirm that you own the domain. For example,

4. We will then send you an email. As soon as you click the link in the email, your domain will be verified!

The next step is to Authenticate your domain. This is optional, however it can increase deliverability and is recommended.

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