In the previous article, we showed you how Pathfinder tracks visitors and customers on your store.

Next, Pathfinder looks at everything you know about a person and turns it into an actionable catalogue of information about them. 

We call this profile a Customer DNA. Everybody who comes to your site gets one, and DNAs update in real-time as Pathfinder learns more about each person.

Shopper DNA examples (known)

  • Determine contact type (subscriber, guest customer, registered customer) and customer status (active, disengaged, lost)

  • Identify when somebody displays an interest in a product or category

  • Identify the a shopper's cart contents at any moment

  • Determine probable location based on IP address

  • Calculate RFM score (recency frequency monetary) for scoring customers

Shopper DNA examples (predicted)

  • Predict interest levels for any product or category

  • Predict most profitable product recommendations & upsells at any moment, based on every factor

  • Predict checkout intent score (chance of purchase) for last and next web session

  • Predict gender information based on name data

Pathfinder uses deep learning to calculate the predictive insights. These insights "unlock" automatically over time once the algorithms have received enough training data to reach a high enough confidence rating. Training progress for each algorithm appears on the dashboard: 

QUICK TIP: All predictive insights use self-learning algorithms which mean they refine and improve themselves automatically over time as more data comes in to learn from. The more data you have, the more accurate (and powerful) they become.

Viewing Shopper DNA

Shopper DNA can be looked at on a per-contact level when you view a contact... 

Or you can zoom out to see aggregate data on the Shopper DNA page...

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What's next?

Now you know how Pathfinder segments your contacts, let's look at how we turn this data into personalized marketing experiences using the Campaign Builder and Web Personalisation Suite.

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