Pathfinder records every interaction someone has with your company, and connects this data to the real person who actually did it. Shopper data is automatically linked with the correct Pathfinder contact, even if they use different browsers and devices, or even if they go several months between visits.

This means you’ll see every move each person takes, right down to where they first discovered you, and every individual action they’ve taken since.

Pathfinder's built-in tracking will...

  • Record page view data for every visitor.

  • Identify visitors who complete a checkout.

  • Identify visitors who sign up for your newsletter.

  • Records each time an order is placed.

  • Record when somebody views a product.

  • Record when somebody adds or removes an item to their cart.

  • Record when somebody abandons a checkout.

We also track activity on every email and record any Pathfinder form submission.

Need help connecting your store?

Integration on a supported platform takes just a couple of minutes. If you need help, see the article below:

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Tracking by JavaScript

While our extensions should put the right tracking codes in the right place for you, in some cases you may want to manually add our JavaScript code to your website.

This is helpful if you'd like to track data from multiple web properties, or if your store has been built in a non-standard way that stops our extension getting the code where it needs to go. 

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