Pathfinder supports connection to eCommerce platforms such as Magento 1. This means you can easily connect your Pathfinder account to your Magento 1 store, importing all your products, orders, cart info etc, following these simple steps: 

Step 1: Installing the Magento extension

Our Magento Extension is available for downloading:

  1.  When setting up your account via the Setup wizard

  2. From Magento Connect Marketplace

  3. From the Integrations and Tracking page of your Pathfinder account, under Magento Link

  4. Manually by direct Upload Via FTP

1. Installing Magento 1 while setting up the account

When setting you your Pathfinder account for the first time, you'll be asked to select what type of store you use. After selecting Magento 1, the next step is to Add the Extension, by clicking on the Download button:

2. Installing Magento 1 from Magento Connect Marketplace

The extension is also available for download via the Magento marketplace. You can simply search for Pathfinder Magento 1 and download.
[gif here]

Next, continue by visiting System > Magento connect > Magento Connect Manager in your admin panel. Login with the same credentials you use to access your admin panel. Magento will show all stages of the process on one screen, and ask you to either enter a license key or upload the extension files. There will be no need to clear cache or create backups - this will be done automatically by Magento connect.

3. Installing Magento 1 From the Integrations and Tracking page

If you already have a Pathfinder account but haven't connected your store yet, you can go into Integrations and Tracking page and download the extension under the Magento Link tab. 

4. Installing Magento 1 by direct upload via FTP

  1. Upload the extension folder to your root directory

  2. Take precautionary measures

After you've downloaded the extension, the first thing you need to do when installing a Magento extension is unzip the folder where the extension is stored and copy the App folder into either your store root directory using your FTP. Next, go to your Magento admin panel, and take the following 3 steps to make sure the process runs smoothly and safely:

  • Check that you have a current backup of your site or create one by going into System > Tools > Backup. This will be useful in case anything goes wrong

  • Disable compilations via System > Tools > Compilations

  • Clear cache by going into System > Cache Management, selecting all the files in the list, choosing the refresh option in the drop-down menu, and finally clicking Submit.

  • Now log out of your admin panel, and log back in again

Step 2: Adding the API key and Activating the Extension

The API key is provided by Pathfinder and you can find it into the Integrations and Tracking Page, by selecting the first Field, Magento Link:

Next, you need to put the API key onto the Magento 1 Admin panel. Make sure you go to System > Configuration in the Magento 1 Admin Panel, then go over to Current Configuration Scope on the panel on the left of the page and choose English. Than go to Configuration, just below and click on the Pathfinder Configuration. Under Options, click on the Enabled drop-down menu and Select Yes, to enable the connection, enter the provided API key in the field below, select the customer attributes you would like to sync with Pathfinder and hit Save Config:

After doing this, all data from your Magento store will start to sync to your Pathfinder account. You'll be able to see the sync progress on your dashboard or Marketing Calendar. After sync is complete, you'll be able to view your products/stores in the Marketing Calendar of your Pathfinder account:

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