There are now three types of marketing consent available for marketing materials:

  • General marketing consent. This requires the contact to provide explicit consent to receive your marketing material and can be set by being subscribed to marketing in Shopify, subscribing via a Pathfinder form or being manually subscribed. This remains the same as previously.

  • Abandoned checkout consent. Implied consent is assumed after a contact abandons a checkout in your store. Emails sent under this status will only be in regards to the checkout that was abandoned.

  • Post-purchase consent. Implied consent is assumed after a contact makes a purchase in your store. Emails sent using this status will only relate to relevant marketing for the purchase that was made.

When a contact unsubscribes from an email, only the specific consent option used to send the email will be unsubscribed.

You can manually change the specific consent status of any contact from the Contacts page

For transactional emails, you can continue to use the Transactional email option.

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