Make sure your campaign conditions are set correctly.

When a campaign goes wrong, a common reason is because there was a mistake with a condition item inside the journey. The more complex the journey (and the more condition items you use) the greater chance of a human error.

For this reason every condition item inside a campaign should be checked in two ways.

The first checks are your big picture checks - does the condition actually make sense within the context of the campaign? Will it cause a loop? Will it actually achieve the desired result?

The second set of checks are your detailed checks. Here you're clicking on each condition individually to make sure the logic inside the condition item matches its label. 

Depending on what your conditions are, here are some common things to look out for:

  • Is the correct and / or logic being used? Are you sure!? 😅

  • Product conditions - is the correct product being referenced?

  • Email conditions - is the correct email being referenced?

  • Email conditions - is the correct condition being used (sent / opened / clicked)? If you're not sure on the difference, click here. Mixing these up is a common mistake!

After this, let's check your emails.

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