What is Domain Authentication?

Ever get an email that is from senders email address, but when you look at the email header and the address bar, then you notice “via" next to the address and some other address? This means that that email hasn’t been authenticated and has been sent via other authenticated domain.

Or in other words, if you don't change the records we'll use our own default authentication which looks like this:

The highlighted text will be replaced with your own domain once the DNS records have changed. 

How to Authenticate Your Domain

Authentication is modifying the DNS records to allow your emails to appear as they’re being sent from your services.

If you would like to authenticate your domain, please contact support by clicking on the chat function on the bottom right of your page. You can only authenticate your domain if you are a Pathfinder Pro user.

Note: As you need to change some account settings with your DNS provider, it is suggested that if you don't know who your DNS provider is, to ask your website manager or call your hosting service for help.

Benefits of Custom Domain Authentication

As we mentioned before, authenticating your own domain has some important benefits: 

  • Deliverability - It helps your emails arrive in subscriber inboxes, instead of junk or spam folders. 

  • Appearance – It removes the default Pathfinder authentication information (via email.bycustomsell.com) that otherwise will show up next to your email header (Email’s From name). 

  • Images – By setting a custom authentication, the images in the email will be loaded by default.

Message the Pathfinder Customer support team, and we will send you instructions and the records that need to be changed.

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