By adding your own domain, you give Pathfinder permission to send marketing emails from that domain. To start sending emails from your domain, you will first need to verify the domain. 

If you don't add a custom domain then emails will be sent from

Domain Verification

When you verify your domain, your brand is used on your email send address, helping your customers to recognize emails from you. 

  • The domain verification is one time only

  • When you verify a domain, it must be owned and controlled by you or your organization.

Adding a Domain

To add your domain first, click on your Store Profile, Email Preferences and then Add custom domain

Select + New Domain, and add your domain. 

Please Note: Your domain must not have a www. prefix as this will prevent successful verification of your domain.

After you’ve entered the domain, we’ll need one email address, so we can send our verification email. You’ll enter this in the next pop-up box.

As soon as you submit an email address, we’ll send a verification link, once you click the link we’ve emailed you, your domain will be verified.

The next optional step you might want to do is authenticating your domain.

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