If you have removed the Pathfinder app in your Shopify account, there will be left over code in your store that was injected on initial integration. You can delete this code by following the below steps.

  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Online Store > Themes.

  2. In the Current theme section, click Actions, and select Edit code

  3. Click the theme.liquid file to open the code editor. 

  4. Delete the Pathfinder tracking code.

  5. Click Save.

Example Tracking Code auto inserted:

<!-- Pathfinder Conversion Code -->
          <script type='text/javascript'>
              var _csq = _csq || [];
              var product_id = 0;            

              var cart_items = [];
              cart_items[0] = 'na';                              
          <script>window.csApiKey = 'abc1233b1'</script>
          <script>window.csBaseDomain = 'https://subdomain.pathfinderapi.com/'</script>

          <script src='https://subdomain.pathfinderapi.com/js/script.js'></script>
          <script src='https://subdomain.pathfinderapi.com/js/shopify.js'></script>
<!-- //Pathfinder Conversion Code -->

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