If you want to track the interactions on your web page, blog or store, it can easily be done with Pathfinder Smart Links. See how many of your customers have visited your page, by simply making it Smart link and adding tags when they’re set so you have the log of every person who has clicked on the Smart Link.

To make a Smart Link, Select Contacts - Smart links, and then Select + New Smart Link

Enter the details of the Smart Link including:

  • Smart Link Name - Name the Link for internal purposes.

  • Description - Add a description to explain what the link does.

  • Destination URL -Add the link you would like to track.

  •  Smart Link Category - Choose a category to group similar Smart Link.

  • Set tags / Remove Tags - Once clicked, tags can be added to or removed from the contact's Shopper DNA.  

After creating your Smart link, make sure you grab the PF hyperlink and use it in your emails:

Now, when a customer clicks on your Smart link, the tags will be added and you'll be able to view, and follow-up with every person who has clicked.

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