Pathfinder is a virtual marketing employee for e-commerce stores. Pathfinder can create marketing campaigns, generate bespoke emails, notifications, promotion codes and much more.

To get the power of Pathfinder, first set up a Pathfinder Automation (previously called Skills) in the Automation page and get your newest (virtual) employee working for you. 

Automations represent specific jobs you can “hire” Pathfinder to complete. These automatically segment your contact list for you, finding the right contact and sending them relevant emails. You can choose from these campaign:

Once a Automation is turned on, Pathfinder takes full responsibility for the job. This means:

  1. It advises on strategy. Pathfinder suggests marketing ideas suitable for your business and consults with you through a chatbot.

  2. It designs marketing materials in the style of your brand. Pathfinder builds campaigns, customer journey workflows, emails, forms, pop-ups, web notifications, banners, promo codes and other materials to market your store, and pushes them live with your approval. 

  3. It analyses results. Pathfinder tracks results and reports the KPIs back to you. It also meticulously analyses campaign performance for insights, then comes back with suggested improvements or split tests it can run based on the results. Nifty.

For more detail and instructions on each Automation, select a link above!

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