As standard, unless you have data protection mode set to on, we will track your visitors.  You can manually enforce data protection compliance by forcing them to answer a cookie opt-in and cookie opt-out pop-up box (and not allowing it to be dismissed without answering).  This will can ensure that anyone who opts out, is not tracked in Pathfinder.

If you would like to give people the option to opt-out you can use the following function to opt them out:


You should also add an opt-out function within your privacy policy, so that users who are historically opted-in, have ability to opt-out of being tracked.

We also support the following; functions
window.Pathfinder.DPCookieOptIn() - this is only checked when Data Protection mode is on.

window.Pathfinder.DPOptedIn() - this can be used to check if the DP cookie has been set.  It is often used to display an opt-out option only to those who have previously opted-in.

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