This is a Pathfinder Pro feature. 

Following on from the enforcing data protection and GDPR manually, you can turn on granular consent mode for more automatic features.

In settings, do this.

Tracking opt-ins only

Once on, Pathfinder will auto check every web visitor to ensure they have opted-in for tracking. If they havent, Pathfinder will not track them.  (You must also ensure that you are setting Pathfinder cookies correctly when people first visit your sites.)

E-commerce contact marketing permissions

You get to decide how your e-commerce contacts are permissioned with respect to whether you can send email marketing to them or not.  

If you have already imported your e-commerce contacts, you can decide how opt-outs on either system are to be shared to the other

Email marketing protection

The system displays a consent category.  The tags within this store the contact communication options.

In campaign builder, the 'require consent' dropdown will appear allowing you to decide if consent must be checked before you send manually edited created campaigns.

If the campaign has been auto built by Pathfinder, it will ensure that marketing emails only go to contacts with appropriate consent.

You are able to create your own custom tags in the consent category for your own use in Campaign builder.  This may be for people you consider to have 'legitimate interest' in receiving your content.  You will need to add this rule manually to any campaigns else add a trigger to default consent so your new tags set these standard permission tags.

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