1. Creating new Notification

Notifications are used to interact with visitors on your website and you can create them in the campaign builder, just like the campaign emails. They are created and stored inside a campaign's email bank. 

To start, click the "New Message" button in the top right corner of the page and choose the type Notification

Before you start you need to add a Notification name and Preview URL - used as a background page for previewing how the notification will look when live on the website.

2. Notification builder

Here is where you add and edit the content, style and settings of the notification. 

2.1. Notification Content

Add the content you'd like to appear in your notification, here. Include links or any special formatting until you're happy with the message.

2.2. Notification Style

Next step is to choose the style of the notification. Here you can choose notification types, change the padding, position of appearance, animation, color, or even add a custom CSS. 

  • Notification style includes four types: Growl, Attached, Thumb Slider and Top Bar and each of them has its own custom animations, icons and appearance. 

You can preview every change you make, as you go.

2.3 Notification Settings

In the Settings section, you can edit the notification name, select how many times, where and when the notification will show and when you like the notification to close. 

First choose to whether to show the notification:

  • on every page view

  • on every page view until closed

  • once in certain time period

  • once only

Then, select when exactly the notification will load on the selected page:

  • when page loads

  • on scroll

  • on exit

  • after time delay (and set time)

Finally, set then number of seconds after appearing, when the notification should close, where 0 = never.

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