Here's an overview of the different action types:

  • Email contact - Sends an email to the contact who triggers the action. For more details, see the emails section.

  • Change Shopper DNA - Basic accounts can add / remove key tags from a contact. Pro accounts have full control over a contact's Shopper DNA, with the ability to modify custom tags, web groups and point counters.

  • Add to / remove from campaign - Directly add / remove the contact into / out of another campaign. These actions bypass the campaign's start trigger, so contacts can enter a campaign even if they don't meet the conditions, and be removed from the campaign even if they would otherwise qualify.

  • Unsubscribe contact - Changes the contact's opt-in status to unsubscribed. They will no longer receive emails unless they opt back in.

  • End this campaign - Removes the contact from the current campaign.

  • PRO: Send SMS - Pro accounts can send SMS messages directly to contacts from a campaign via a built-in 3rd party integration. If their mobile number is not on file, fallback options can be used.

  • PRO: Leave voice message - Pro accounts can leave automated and pre-recorded voice messages to a contact's mobile phone via a built-in 3rd party integration.

  • PRO: Send letter - Pro accounts can send direct mail letters to a contact's physical address via a built-in 3rd party integration.

  • PRO: Send postcard - Pro accounts can send handwritten post-cards to a contact's physical address via a built-in 3rd party integration.

  • PRO: Notify somebody - Pro accounts can send internal emails to members of your team, asking them to complete certain tasks or providing information and alerts. Internal emails can be smart too - members of staff can "reply" to Pathfinder by clicking special links in the emails to communicate back.

  • PRO: Show custom web content / notifications - Pro accounts can customize web content to specific people and show targeted web notifications based on how the contact behaves.

  • PRO: 3rd party event - Pathfinder Pro integrates with over five hundred 3rd party web apps via the Zapier API. This means you can throw hundreds of different third party actions into your campaigns from apps you use every day.

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