A campaign action is responsible for making something happen to your contact.  It could be sending an email, adding or removing a tag or something else.

To add an action, bring up the campaign menu by clicking the menu icon in the bottom right corner, then drag and drop the desired action onto the canvas:

Each action has a set of configuration options:

You set these options when you first drop the action onto the canvas. You can bring up options panel at any point by hovering over the action and clicking the pencil icon:

How are the actions enabled?

Before an action starts working, you need to connect it to a box above it on the canvas, by dragging the connector from top to bottom:

Any action will only be triggered after the connected item before it has run, and contacts have passed any built in tests (eg. if contact clicks email in the example below):

The difference between Basic and Pro accounts

The actions you have available in the Campaign Menu depend on which plan you're subscribed to:

Pathfinder Basic:

Essential actions:

  • Email contact

  • Change customer DNA (limited options)

  • Add to / remove from campaign

  • Unsubscribe contact

  • End this campaign

Pathfinder Pro:

Everything in basic, plus...

*Push notification support for mobile apps coming soon

Here's an overview of the different action types.

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