These are some of the parameters you can use to target contacts.

You can use these by themselves or combine with other parameters to narrow your segment further.

These are used to lookup EU GDPR or other consent requirements per contact. Initially set from your store data, they indicate if there is consent to send updates from your store about your products and also if you can send communication about subjects don’t relate to your store from a trusted partner (3rd party). Pathfinder auto checks that it has permission to email before it sends one.  In PRO, extra custom tags are allowed.

  • Contact has consented to - A series of tags that indicate opt-ins for store communication and also for your trusted partner (3rd party) communication via email, phone and post (and you can add your own if required).

  • Contact has not consented to - The reverse of the condition above.

  • Opt-in status - Either 'Contact is subscribed' or 'Contact is not subscribed'.  When a customer clicks ‘Permanently unsubscribe’ on an email or when Pathfinder has repeated failures when delivering the email to this contact, this value will be set to unsubscribed and no further emails will be attempted.

Read about the other customer parameters.

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