1. What is a campaign?

In Pathfinder, a campaign is defined as a series of connected actions to be performed on a set of contacts who meet certain conditions at a specific moment in time. A campaign is usually designed to meet some form of measurable goal, like increasing sales, engagement or awareness.

Each campaign includes a start trigger a campaign canvas and an email bank.

2. When and how do we use the campaign builder?  

2.1. Edit and Review an existing Automation

The Campaign builder can be used to edit and review an automation. Automations are campaigns that Pathfinder builds for you based on your goals. If you are a beginner we suggest you stick to the automation until the concept of building campaigns becomes more familiar to you.

2.2. Create a new campaign

The campaign builder can also be used to create a fresh new campaign. You can build a new follow-up by clicking the New Campaign button.

We can also create a new calendar campaign by grab and dropping the Build a campaign from scratch in the marketing calendar. 

In both cases, this will load a new empty campaign that will only have the starting trigger item included. 

Note: The starting triggers will require setup. We only recommend building new custom campaigns for more experienced users that are familiar with the campaign building concept. 

2.3. How to use the campaign builder

Drag and drop campaign action items on to the canvas, Connect with other items in order to create a flowchart that represents your campaign requirements. All actions are found in the blue actions menu in the right lower corner of the campaign builder page. Ensure you have configured the necessary settings for each action item.

3. How to start a campaign? 

Campaigns in the marketing calendar will automatically start when the scheduled week begins. Follow-up campaigns are started manually. To start a follow-up campaign you need to set the status to active. This is found on the campaign builder header. 

4. How to view/edit the emails in a campaign? 

Please read the Campaign Emails guide.

5 Save Campaign

Before leaving your campaign builder make sure you save your campaign using the "Save Campaign" button found in the left  lower corner. 

Please review the guide if your Save Campaign button is grayed out.

6. Just starting out?

If you're just starting out, Pathfinder's Assistant can design all of your campaigns for you based on your goals, so you never have to get deep into things unless you want to. If you're new to marketing automation we strongly suggest letting Pathfinder build your campaigns for you at first you while you learn the ropes.

This way, instead of jumping in at the deep end with a bunch of concepts and theory, you can learn by seeing things in practice and having things explained for you as you go along.

Very soon you'll reach a tipping point where everything clicks and you have the confidence to bring ideas to life yourself. It's actually pretty simple once you get to grips with the basics, but there's definitely a learning curve if you've only been doing simple one-shot emails until now.

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What's next?

Now that we've introduced the basics, let's take a look at 

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