1. What are conditions?

A condition is a test performed before an action is allowed to run. If a contact meet the condition(s), an action will be applied.

For example in the image below, a contact will be emailed if the starting condition is fulfilled. So the action to email contact depends on the starting condition. 

The third node is also a condition. A contact will be added the Made an enquiry tag if the If contact clicks email condition is true. 

Conditions can be combined with the logical operators AND / OR.

2. When do we use the conditions?

You can use conditions to create branching paths in your campaigns and trigger different actions for different people based on who they are, how they respond to the campaign, and how they behave.

3. What options do the conditions have? 

You have the same options for conditions as for campaigns (see Campaign Triggers). The only addition is that you can also set email conditions based on emails in the current campaign - e.g. condition = "if contact clicked any email in this campaign".

4. Types of rules used within the conditions.

Like campaign triggers, conditions can be AND / OR rules. You can learn more about the AND / OR rules here.

5. What can be connected to a condition? 

Only action items can be connected below condition items. If the action item has a delay associated with it, the delay will begin when the condition has been met. If the condition stops being met during the wait period (before the action has run), the action will be cancelled. Later, if the condition is met again, the delay will start from the beginning. 

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