This is a Pathfinder Pro feature.

After connecting your Pathfinder and Zapier accounts, you need to proceed with creating your Zap. This article will advise you what to do when you have created the Trigger on a third party website and need to create the action in Pathfinder.

If you need to set the trigger as a Pathfinder action, view this article

When Pathfinder is an Action

If you choose another app to be the Trigger and Pathfinder to be the Action, there are 4 available actions Pathfinder can perform: 

Update or Create Contact

If you choose to Create or Update a contact as an Action in your Zap, the incoming Zap will cause a new contact to be created or an existing contact to be updated. In the Action setup, you will be asked to add all the fields you'd like to map for your contact. The email field is required while all others are optional:

Set Tag

You can use a Pathfinder Action to set a tag on an existing contact. You'll be asked to identify a contact email field in the trigger system and to select a tag you want to add, once the Zap is triggered: 

NOTE: The tags available were set in the Zapier Connector setup

Example action:

You could choose to have Gmail app as your Trigger, and anyone sending you an email will be auto created as a new contact to your Pathfinder account. Their email address can be retrieved from the "From Email" field in the active Zap. In the example below: if the trigger is set to be a new email and the email is set to retrieve the "From Email": 

All activity is available for inspecting in the contact Recent activity: 

Unset tag

You can use a Pathfinder Action to set a unset a tag from an existing contact. You'll be asked to enter a contact email and to choose a tag you want to remove and once the Zap is triggered, the tag will be automatically unset. 

Unsubscribe contact

The last action will Unsubscribe a contact for your Pathfinder account. Once triggered the chosen contact from the trigger will be unsubscribed in Pathfinder:

NOTE: Unsubscribed contacts will no longer receive any of your marketing emails

Multi-step Zaps

You can also create Zaps with more than one action if your Zapier plan allows for multi-stage Zaps.

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