This is a Pathfinder Pro feature.

After connecting your Pathfinder and Zapier accounts, you need to proceed with creating your Zap. The first step in your Zap is the Trigger. 

To set your trigger, first you must choose a trigger app. This can be

  • Pathfinder - causes another web app to change when something happens in Pathfinder  (e.g. a signup on a Pathfinder form should cause a SMS message to be sent). The article below is about this.

  • Third party app - causes a change in Pathfinder.  (e.g. a questionnaire web app submission should cause a new contact in Pathfinder to be created). If the external web app is the trigger then Pathfinder is an action and not the trigger.

When Pathfinder is the Trigger

In Pathfinder, if you go into your Shopper DNA, you'll see a new tag category named Zapier Triggers. The tags within this category are the only tags available to start a Zap when Pathfinder is used as trigger:

You can add your own tags to in this category.

After choosing the trigger for your Zap, Zapier will once again ask you to choose your Pathfinder account. You can quickly test if your account is connected by pressing the test button:

Next step is to select a Pathfinder tag that will trigger your Zap. 

Zapier triggers tag category in Pathfinder

You can use the Zapier triggers tags like any other Pathfinder tag. The only difference is that once the Zapier action is completed, the tag will be immediately removed from the contacts. It may help to imagine a button on a bus (trigger) that rings the bell and lights up the ‘Stopping at next location’ sign (action). Once the bus has stopped, the light turns off and someone can press the button again. 

The Zapier tag resets in the same way by being auto removed in case you want to set it again in the future. So, Zapier Triggers in Pathfinder can be caused by your Pathfinder campaigns.  

Setting a Zapier trigger in a Campaign

In this example, you want to select a tag in your Zap to trigger a certain Zapier action. You set that tag in your campaign via the campaign actions:

When this part of the campaign runs, it sets the selected Zapier tag for the relevant contact in the campaign and this will cause the Zap to be triggered. The related action will be completed by Zapier. 

After the action is complete, the Zapier tag will be removed from the contact. This will happen for every contact in the campaign whenever they get the Zapier tag set.

Setting a zapier trigger via Pathfinder trigger conditions and not via campaign

In the identical way that you can set a Pathfinder tag to set based on other Pathfinder tag condition, you can set conditions on your Zapier tags. If you choose to do this, anytime a contact meets the trigger conditions from your Pathfinder Zapier tag, the Action from all your active Zaps will be triggered and will automatically run. 

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