You've created a nice broadcast, sent it but it didn't went well. Below is a handy checklist you'd like to go through to make sure you've completed all the steps that are required for a broadcast to be send:

Are there contacts meeting the conditions?

Always make sure whether the email addresses you use do exist as customers, whether the Tags you use have contacts in and whether the contacts meet the conditions. To check if a tag has contact in, you need to go to the Shopper DNA page, find the Tag and see how many contacts have it in the preview box, or open the Tag and go to the Tag log. 

Have you checked the >From< email address?

This might sound silly but if you have a slight mistake in your From address into the broadcast settings, the email will not be delivered to any contacts - it will be into the Sent broadcasts, but it will say: Sent to 0 contacts. To check the From address, go to your email editor and under Settings. Make sure you don't have spaces as an email with a space in is not a valid email. 

Are your contacts active (subscribed)

You have the contacts in Pathfinder and they do meet the conditions, but broadcast is still not sent? Next thing to check if the contacts are active. Please note that if a contact is Unsubscribed - they will not receive any email you send.

Is the broadcast schedule time in the past?

You've scheduled your broadcast but you haven't noticed the time/date/year is in the past? Always double check the time of the schedule, as if the schedule time is in the past, even a minute before hit confirm, the broadcast will not be send

Have you Confirmed to send?

Sometimes it's easy to click Save as Draft instead confirming the broadcast to be send.  If you're not sure, check the Draft broadcasts and if your broadcast is there, open it and confirm the send after checking everything else.

Finally, if you've checked every step above and everything seems fine from your perspective, feel free to go to our Customer Support for further help. 😊

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