You've created your (first) campaign, set up your emails, scheduled them, saved the campaign and nothing is happening? No place for panic, here is a handy checklist you'd like to go through to make sure you've completed all the steps that are required for a campaign to start the actions:

Is the Campaign Active? 

Always check the Campaign status as your campaign is Inactive that means it's off and all actions are disabled. In order to run, your campaign has to be Active.

Have you set the starting triggers?

Always double-check the start node and whether you've set your Campaign Starting triggers. As, contacts will be added into your campaign only if there are conditions that contact meets the conditions for starting the campaign, providing the campaign status is set to active. 

Are there contacts meeting the conditions?

Always make sure the email addresses you use do exist in your system as customers if the Tags you use have contacts in and if the contacts meet the conditions. To check if a tag has contact in, you need to go to the Shopper DNA page, find the Tag and see how many contacts have it in the preview box, or open the Tag and go to the Tag log. 

Is the action schedule time in the past?

You've added action nodes and you've added few minute of delay or scheduled time but you haven't noticed the time/date/year is in the past? Always double check the time of the schedule, as if the action node is scheduled in the past, even 5 minutes before you've made your campaign active, the action will not run

Did you save your Campaign?

Before leaving your campaign builder, always save the changes you've made otherwise, some action might be lost ant therefore not run.

Finally, if you've checked every step above and everything seems fine from your perspective, feel free to go to our Customer Support for further help. 😊

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