Have you loaded an email template and saved the name incorrectly? No worries, you can easily change the name of an email. 

1. Basic Plan

When you're editing an email contents inside the email editor, you need to navigate to settings and change the Email Name. 

2. Pro Plan

If you are a Pro user, you can also change the name by going to the Email settings or you can also click the add variant button on the top bar.

After you've clicked on the Add variant button, you'll be taken to the Template selection page, where on the right site is your current email, as "Control". Right there, you'll notice the email name and to change it, you just need to click on it:

After clicking, you'll be able to put the new name of your email:

To return to editing, you just need to click onto the "Control" and you'll be back in the email editor.

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