This is a Pathfinder Pro feature.

How it works?

If you are using Pathfinder Pro, you will be able to easily test up to two variants of the Control email and send them to a different percentage of your total recipients. Depending on the set delivery percentage, some amount of your contacts will receive the Control email while others will receive Variant A and/or Variant B if available. You can than measure the results by the most opens or clicks, which will determinate the winning email that is best for your audience that is then promoted to Control (mail email) and sent to the remaining subscribers.

Adding a Split test

When creating your campaign emails or broadcasts, the initial (main) email is always marked as Control. To create a split test, you need to click the Add a split test button on the top banner of the email editor, where you can choose either to Create a new email or Copy this email - depending on what you'd like to have tested:

In your split test, you can vary:

  • The email layout / template

  • The email design in terms images

  • The email content in terms of message / text

  • The email subject line

  • The email From name

Note: If you make too many changes, you will not be able to identify the single change that provided the biggest impact.  You may want to vary one element only and to do a series of split tests over time to judge optimal layout.

Create a new email

If you decided to create a new email, you'll be redirected to the email template selector page:

Note: While on this page, you can also choose to change the email name for your own purposes.

After selecting the template you'd like to use, a Variant 1 will be created for you to work on. If you like to view all email variants, you'll need to click on the Add variant button:

Here, you can also change the delivery percentage of the Control email and the email Variants: 

On this page you can also delete a variant or promote to control the winning variant into Control (set as the main email).

Copying the Control email as a variant

If you choose to copy the Control email to create a variant, this action will copy the current email (Control) and make a Variant that is exactly the same that you'll need to edit.  You can change the email subject line and/or email from name or another element. 

Split testing results

After your campaign has run and you have left enough time to ensure enough people have had a chance to interact with your email, you will be able to view the results.  Use these when constructing your next email campaign.

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