This is a Pathfinder Pro feature.

If you have a Shopify store, you're probably familiar with Shopify tags. You can use them for labeling everything from customers to products and orders etc. After you add the tags, you can use them in Shopify to search and filter. Customers will not see the tags you set, but your online store search will use them to categorize products and organize search results for customers.

This works the same in Pathfinder. After you sync your Shopify store with Pathfinder, all of the tags you've created in Shopify will be automatically created in Pathfinder.

The entirely new Tag Category will be created in your Shopper DNA, where all Shopify related tags will be stored:

Shopify tags will be available for viewing in the customer page as well, in the Shopper DNA segment, under Shopify Tags:

As with any Pathfinder tag, you can use the Shopify tags to further trigger campaigns to your customers from Pathfinder. To setup triggers based on Shopify tags, you can use condition search.

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