This is a Pathfinder Pro feature.

What are UTM parameters?

UTM parameters are bits of text that can be added to the end of any hyperlink to provide Google Analytics more information about each link so that you can analyse your web traffic in detail.  Other analytics tools have equivalent options to Google UTM parameters.

Why are UTM codes important?

UTM codes help you track the performance of your links so you can alter your marketing behaviour in future to concentrate on the sources that give you better results.

UTM Campaign Builder tool

If your website uses Google Analytics, you can use UTM codes with many different parameters such as: website URL, campaign source, campaign medium, campaign term, campaign content, and campaign name.

Using UTM Codes in your Pathfinder account

In your Settings page, find the Append UTM parameter to emails? and switch to yes. 

Under Static UTM codes (optional) enter any fixed values you require.

Note: If you append UTM parameters to emails, Pathfinder will also automatically add the UTM Campaign code based on your Broadcast and Campaign Emails for further analysis in Google Analytics.

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