Including extra fields in your .CSV file, requires creating corresponding custom fields in Pathfinder.

Before importing your .CSV file, make sure you have followed the .CSV formatting guides from the /import page of your CustomSell account. You should carefully follow import specifications and valid field headings so the .CSV is properly imported. 

Custom Field Headings:

If the Custom field is drop-down, you need to check the values from the custom field drop-down and put those values into your .CSV file:

If the custom fieldis text, the import will only support text, if it is number, it will accept only numbers and all other values will be ignored. 

Email fields will accept only valid email addresses and all other values will beignored

If the custom fieldis checkbox, and if you’d like the checkbox to be checked, supported value for the action is 1 or true. If you want it unchecked, supported values are 0 or false.

Date Fields – currently we support only dd-mm-yyy OR dd/mm/yyy formats. Other date formats will be supported in the future. 

If you want a copy of the latest csv import template, please contact support.

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