A mailto link is an HTML link that brings up the mail program with the recipient's address already filled in.  This makes it easy for your contacts to send you an email just by clicking on the link.

There are two ways add a mailto links in Pathfinder.

Option 1 - insert directly with code view

(This method involves changing HTML and basic competency is required).

Click the paragraph that you would like to add your mailto link, and click onto the 'Source code' view arrows icon.

When the code view box opens, find the <a> tag containing the text you will add the link to.  Add an href attribute in the form below.

The second way of doing this is by adding your email as a normal link and then manually editing the code created by the link:

Code before manual edit:

Code after manual edit:: 

NOTE: If you’re using Outlook, it might interpret an email address as mailto link automatically, however this may not be the case for people receiving your email and reading on other mail programs.

Clicks on these mailto links wont be tracked in Pathfinder, unlike usual website link clicking.

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