Campaigns also have statuses which decide if the campaign will run and whether new contacts can be added into it. There are three different campaign statuses.


Campaign will run as normal. Any contact who meets the start conditions will being the campaign immediately.


The campaign will run as normal but no new contacts will be allowed to enter until the status is returned to active.


Campaign is off.  All actions are switched off and no new contacts will be allowed to enter.

Please be aware that contacts can still be added into frozen and inactive campaigns by an add to campaign action. If the campaign status changes from inactive to frozen or active, all contacts in the campaign will continue at the same point as they were at before the status was changed to inactive.

A campaign's status can be modified using the status controls at the top of the page:

These controls are locked for date-based campaigns scheduled via the marketing calendar. Date-based campaigns will automatically change status at the right time.

If the campaign is scheduled for the future, a countdown timer at the top of the page will tell you how many days remaining until the campaign goes live. The campaign will automatically move to active once this timer has elapsed. Once all contacts who meet the campaign's start conditions have been added, the status will switch to frozen to prevent contact's accidentally starting the campaign part way through. When the campaign is over, the status will return to inactive, signalling the end of the campaign.

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