Pathfinder is a marketing AI employee that can reduce your workload. Pathfinder can create marketing campaigns, generate bespoke emails, notifications, promotion codes and much more.

Pathfinder can do all the planning and executing of a marketing campaign for your e-commerce store. All you need to do is train Pathfinder about your store, brand and preferences. Pathfinder will then present a marketing campaign for you to review and approve before it is sent out!

How does Pathfinder work?

Pathfinder does this by integrating to your e-commerce platform, such as Shopify, Magento 1 or Magento 2 to get information on your store. On top of this, you can train Pathfinder on your basic information, brand design or email preferences.

Based on this information, Pathfinder can then create an automated marketing campaign - all you need to do is review the work and activate the campaign.

We call these Skills, and they are the best place to start unlocking Pathfinder's potential for your store.

Pathfinder is Smart

When Pathfinder is up and running your marketing campaign, it doesn't stop there. Pathfinder is always learning, from your campaigns and the 30 million other messages that Pathfinder sends out for marketers every year.

In fact, Pathfinder will take these lessons and suggest improvements on your campaigns to acquire new customers, increase sales, or increase customer satisfaction. If you want to try these suggestions, Pathfinder will adjust everything for you!

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