Lots of stores are able to attract people who sign up to receive their marketing material, but those people don't convert into paying customers. This pool of contacts is a great resource to tap into and increase your store sales with our Acquire new customers skill.

The goal of this skill is to turn contacts into first time buyers.

If they buy once they are much more likely to come back for more. That’s why it’s not about making a profit right away, but about the lifetime value of the customer. Activate this campaign and Pathfinder will acquire new customers for you.

Pathfinder first creates a skill to target all our existing non-customers with a limited time offer. You then create a second ongoing skill to target new contacts who do not convert to a customer after a period that you choose.

Select the Skill

In your Skill Center, select the Acquire new customers Skill.

Go through the description of the Skill and at the last page select Add this Skill.

Training Center

This is where Pathfinder learns about your store, its style, design, and your preferences. When you first access the Training Center, add as much information as you can (required fields are marked) and when done select Complete Training.

Subsequent Skills will remember this information and only ask for more information if required for that particular Skill. The more you teach Pathfinder at the beginning, the better it will customize to your requirements.

Meeting Room

Pathfinder can talk! Here it will ask you a few questions and customize your campaign based on your replies.

Once ready, push Build and let Pathfinder get to work!

Campaign Workflow

Your campaign is now set up and ready to go! All you need to do is review Pathfinder's work and activate the campaign.

Action you need to take:

  • Review the emails set up by Pathfinder under the View Message area.
  • Mark all steps as Done in the Launch Campaign Guide.
  • Select Active to start the Campaign!

Congratulations! Your Acquire new customers Skill is active and working to get you more sales! When Pathfinder has enough performance information to make some recommendations for improvement, it will contact you to suggest changes.

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