After completing your account set up, you are now able to integrate your Pathfinder account and your Shopify store. 

This will allow Pathfinder to have access your store information and will import:

  • Your contact email list, to send your marketing campaign to.
  • Product information, which Pathfinder will use to create specific campaigns on.
  • Your store order history, and other information.

You can watch a video guide here.

Select Shopify as your store platform

Finding your Pathfinder API key (private unique identifier)

Highlight your API key and copy to your clipboard.
Then press Install the app.

Install the app for Shopify

Your browser will open a new window. Enter your shop domain and click Install App.

You may be required to log in to Shopify. Scroll to the bottom of the Apps screen and click Install app.

On the next screen, paste your Pathfinder API key and press Connect my store.

Once Shopify tells you Pathfinder is successfully connected, close Shopify in the browser window.

Finalizing the install

Go back to Pathfinder in the browser window and press Skip / Continue.

And that's it!

Your Shopify store is linked and you are ready to put Pathfinder to work.  Depending on how much data you have in Shopify, it may take up to 15 minutes for Shopify to complete the integration.

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