Pathfinder is available in 3 self-service plans.

  • Free - Includes one active Skill, with unlimited contacts, newsletter broadcasts and no cap on the emails that you can send.
  • Automate - Unlimited Skills, unlimited user campaigns, web notifications, split testing, analytics and the removal of the Pathfinder branding.
  • Pro - All the features of Automate plus Zapier integration, email and campaign split testing, smart content, conditional content, developer tools and more.

Store contacts

  • For the Automate and Pro plans, 1000 contacts are included already. For stores with more contacts, you will be charged as your number of contacts increase. See the contact tier prices here.

Frequently asked questions

What happens if we exceed one active Skill on the free plan?

  • You will not be able to set the additional Skill to active. Instead, you'll see an alert with upgrade button.
  • Your staff will receive daily warning emails.
  • If you already had more than one Skill active (because you downgraded from a paid plan), the system will warn you daily for five days then switch all Skills to inactive. You can then set your chosen Skill to active.

What happens when I go over 1000 contacts in my Automate or Pro plan?

  • You will be charged automatically for the new contact tier. You can see the different tiers here.
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